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Southside AllClean

SAC  is an ethical and environmentally friendly cleaning service that provide the highest standard of cleaning and hygiene in domestic and commercial spaces. Whether it regards your home or your business, a one of deep clean or a regular service we will work closely with you to establish cleanings to suit your needs. ​​  


You have by now probably learnt multiple songs to sing while you wash your hands so you know that scrubbing with soap and water destroys both bacteria and virus. This is good news as it means its entirely possible to sanitise an environment without harsh specialised products, many of which are very harmful to aquatic life. Primarily we use the multipurpose product BioD, which we source directly the company that makes it or from the social enterprise Locavore. Sometimes when we need the security of some extra power we will use Hydrogen Peroxide at 3 %  which only produces water once its performed its antibacterial/viral magic and often is used in hospital environments, cleaning soda crystals or/and our homemade citrus enzyme cleaner to make absolutely sure your space is not only free of contamination but also visually spot free.  As far as is possible we also source products that are produced by ethical companies without investments or connections to the arms or fossil fuel industry which ensure that everyone involved in the supply chain are paid at least a living wage.   

Special services include consulting on daily practices for your workforce to  ensure the safest possible environment between our visits. 

Advice on material when renovating or redesigning your workspace to achieve best hygienic and sustainable standards adjusted to the kind of business you run.

We are also able to advice and implement CO2 saving practices and are working on ways to help our clients make or contribute to carbon sinks.


On agreement we are sometimes also able to provide minor reparations of chipped walls etc either by ourselves or by employing reliable and knowledgeable outside help.  


Painting by Hilma Af Klimt

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